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180+ Frasa bahasa Inggris dalam kehidupan sehari-hari (Level Advanced)

180+ Frasa bahasa Inggris dalam kehidupan sehari-hari (Level Advanced)

Ini adalah seri terakhir dari prasa bahasa Inggris yang saya jumpai pada ebook berjudul 500 Real English Phrases yang dibuat oleh situs Espresso English.

Frasa-frasa ini sebenarnya untuk level advanced atau yang sudah mahir namun tidak ada salahnya untuk mencobanya.

Jujur saja saya mengalami kesulitan karena ada beberapa kalimat yang tidak bisa saya artikan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia karena saya sendiri belum menemukan padanan kata yang sesuai. 

Selain itu juga, ada beberapa frasa yang masih asing di sini.

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Berikut 180 frasa bahasa Inggris yang biasa dijumpai dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Frasa yang digunakan untuk menolak memberikan jawaban

No comment.
I'm not at liberty to say. (tidak ada ijin untuk memberikan informasi)
Wait and see. (kamu akan mengetahui jawabannya nanti)
Let me get back to you. (aku akan memberikan jawabannya nanti)
I'm sorry, that's confidential
I'm sorry, that's personal.
I'd rather not talk about it.
It's none of your business.
Mind your own business.
Why do you want to know?

Frasa untuk mengatakan punya uang atau tidak 

He's short on cash.
He's broke. (tidak punya uang)
His bank account is overdrawn.
He's just scrapping by. (he is just barely surviving on little money)
He makes minimum wage. (ia mendapatkan gaji yang kecil)
He's pinching pennies.
He's scrimping and saving.
She's very wealthy.
She's quite well-off
She's loaded.
She's filthy rich.
She's inherited a fortune.
She's making a killing.
She's raking in the cash.
She's rolling in dough.

Frasa yang digunakan untuk membicarakan tentang data/statistik

The crime rate rose.
The crime rate went up.
There was a sharp increase in crime. (sharp = sudden and large)
There was a gradual rise in crime.
There was spike in crime. (spike = tiba naik dan kemudian menyusut)
The crime rate reached its peak. (peak=poin tertinggi)
The crime rate plateaued. (plateaued = tinggal pada level yang sama)
There was a slight decrease in crime.
The crime rate dropped.
The crime rate plummeted. (=menyusut banyak dan sangat cepat)

Frasa yang digunakan untuk mengatakan seseorang memiliki talenta/bakat

She was born to... [singer]
He's a natural.
She could do it in her sleep.
He knows it inside out.
She knows [cth. Jakarta] like the back of her hand.
She's a walking encyclopedia of ... [science]
He's in a class of his own.
He's the best in the business.
She's very gifted.
He's a [chemistry] whiz.

Mengatakan seseorang untuk menunggu

Could you give me a minute?
Hang on a sec / Just a sec. (informal)
Hold on...
Let me see/think...
I'll be right with you.
Bear with me.
That'll have to wait.
Be patient.
Not so fast!
Hold your horses!

Frasa untuk mengira-ira atau menebak

If I had to take a guess, I'd say... [cth. He's about 16 years old]
It's difficult to say, but I think... [cth. Our customers are more satisfied].
Off the top of my head, I'd say... [cth. The company has 500 employess]. (tanpa mengetahui data yang sebenarnya)
It's about...[cth. 8 miles away]
It's around... [cth. Two hours long]
I wouldn't be surprised if...
There's good chance...
I have a feeling/hunch... [she won't be happy about this] (hunch=naluri perasaan)
I bet...
Your guess is as good as mine. (=I don't know)

Frasa yang digunakan untuk membuat keputusan

I'm debating between...[option A and option B]
I can't make up my mind.
I'm on the fence. (=I'm in the middle, aku tidak tahu bagaimana memutuskannya)
I'll take that into consideration.
On the other hand...
I'm having second thoughts. (=aku mempertimbangkan kembali keputusanku)
I changed my mind.
He convinced/persuaded me to...
Looking back, I know it was the right decision.
It's up to you.

Frasa untuk Good Luck and Bad Luck

Good luck!
Better luck next time.
Just my luck. 
(frasa sarkasme yang berarti mendapatkan sesuatu yang tidak beruntung)
Lucky you!
That was a stroke of luck.
Some people have all the luck. 
(dipakai ketika melihat seseorang yang selalu beruntung sedangkan kita merasa tidak)
As luck would have it...
He's down on his luck. (=ia dia tidak beruntung dalam waktu yang lama)
No such luck. (sesuatu yang baik yang bisaa terjadi, tapi tidak terjadi)
What rotten luck!

Frasa untuk mengungkapkan kekhawatiran and menghibur

I'm scare that...
I can't help thinking that... 
(gunakan untuk menghindar tapi pikiran itu tetap ada di kepala)
It's been keeping me up at night 
(digunakan ketika khawatir akan sesuatu sehingga kits tidak bisa tidur)
What if...?
Thanks goodness!
What a relief!
You had me worried for a moment.
You have no idea what a relief it is.
That's a huge load off my mind.

Frasa yang digunakan untuk membicarakan masa depan

It'll happen any day now.
It's right around the corner.
... In the near future.
It will/won't happen in our lifetime. (=dalam 40 sampai 50 tahun lagi)
It's a sign/taste of things to come. 
(=mengindikasikan bagaimana hal ini di masa depan)
I'm counting down the days until... 
(=aku senang dengan apa yang akan terjadi di masa depan, aku tidak sabar itu terjadi)
Sooner or later..../ It's bound to happen eventually. 
(=hal itu akan terjadi di masa depan)
I'll get around to it. 
(=aku akan itu di masa depan, namun aku tidak tahu pastinya kapan)
I'll do it right away. / I'll get right on it 
(=aku akan segera melakukannya)
Time will then. 
(di masa depan, kita akan tahu jika sesuatu itu benar/salah atau baik/buruk)

Frasa yang digunakan untuk memuji

You look nice. / You look amazing !
What a beautiful [necklace/dress/etc]
I like your [shirt/shoes/haircut/watch/etc]
The pizza is delicious.
You're a fantastic cook.
My compliments to the chef!
What a nice car!
You have a beautiful garden.
He's/She's so cute!
Your kids are a lot of fun.

Frasa yang digunakan dalam memberi kepastian dan kemungkinan

I'm absolutely sure.
I'm positive that...
I have no doubt that...
I'm a hundred percent certain.
I'm convince that...
Chances are that... (=kemungkinan ini akan terjadi)
Odds are that... (=kemungkinan ini akan terjadi)
I seriously doubt it.
I don't think so.
Probably not.
It's not very likely.
There's not much chance of that.
I'd be very surprised if that happened.
I wouldn't bet on it. (=kemungkinan kecil akan terjadi )
That'll never happen.

Mengatakan sesuatu menarik atau membosankan

It's fascinating.
It's intriguing.
I couldn't tear myself away.
I couldn't put it down. 
(digunakan ketika sangat tertarik dengan sebuah buku)
I was so into it, I lost track of time.
It does nothing for me.
I was bored to tears.
I was bored to death.
I was dying of boredom.
It's about as exciting as watching paint dry. (=sangat membosankan)

Frasa untuk menyemangati seseorang

What's the matter?
What's wrong?
Are you all right?
You look a bit down. (=nampak sedikit sedih)
Is there anything I can do to help?
Cheer up! / Chin up!
It's not so bad.
Everything will be OK.
Look on the bright side. (=pertimbangkan sisi positifnya)
It's not the end of the world.

Frasa yang menunjukkan rasa kecewa 

What a pity!
What a shame.
How disappointing.
That's too bad.
It was a real letdown.
It didn't live up to my expectations.

Frasa yang digunakan ketika tidak mempercayai seseorang

Yeah, right.
You're kidding.
You're pullingmy leg.
That's a bit of an exaggeration.
He's strecthing the truth.
He's not telling the whole truth.
She's being economical with the truth. (=dia berbohong)
His story is fishy.
That's an outright lie.
That's a pack of lies.

Frasa yang digunakan untuk memaki seseorang

He's a creep.
He's a pervert. (=ganjen)
He's a sicko.
He's a scumbag.
He's an asshole.
He's a jerk.
He's a bastard.
She's a bitch.
She's a psycho.
She's a slut.

Frasa untuk mendiskripsikan cara bicara

He yelled.
She screamed.
I whispered.
We chatted. (pembicaraan yang tidak formal)
He mumbled (=bergumam)
My kids whinned. (=protes)
He rambled. / He went on and on. (berbicara terlalu banyak tanpa henti)
She stammered.
I snapped at my wife. 
(=mengatakan dengan cepat dan menandakan marah)
He muttered. (=bersungut-sungut atau menggerutu)

Frasa yang digunakan untuk mengekspresikan wajah

She was beaming. (=tersenyum lebar)
The kids were smiling from ear to ear.
He looked puzzled. (=bingung)
She grinned. (=tersenyum kecil atau cekikikan)
He winced when the doctor gave him an injection. (=meringis kesakitan)
She gave me a dirty look. (=melihatku dengan marah)
She blushed. (=tersipu malu)
His eyes were glazed over. (=terbelalak)
Why the long face? 
(ungkapan yang biasa digunakan untuk bertanya mengapa seseorang terlihat sedih atau kecewa)
Her expression was unreadable. 
(=kamu tidak tahu bagaimana perasaannya)

Frasa untuk menyinggung atau membuat jengkel seseorang

They got off on the wrong foot.
(=ketika pertama bertemu, mereka tidak akur)
He got on the teacher's bad side.
She took offense at his moment.
He has s chip on his shoulder. (=mudah tersinggung)
She got bent out of shape.
He left in a huff.
She got her panties in a wad.
He has a short fuse. (=dia mudah marah)
She dissed my mother. (=ia tidak menghargai ibuku)
He got his nose out of joint.

Frasa yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan pengalaman berpergian yang tidak enak

My flight was overbooked.
My flight was delayed/canceled.
My luggage was lost.
I was jet-lagged. (=aku lelah karena perbedaan waktu)
My hotel was in a seedy area. (seedy = kemungkinan tidak aman)
I was mugged. (= aku kecopetan di jalan)
The weather was miserable.
I got the runs. (=diare)
The place was tourist trap.
I couln't wait to get back home.

Frasa untuk digunakan untuk minum (biasanya alkohol)

It's on me. (=aku akan membelikanmu minuman)
I'd like to make a toast.
Here's to... ( the New Year/ our success) !
Another round of drinks, please.
Put in on my tab. (tab = tagihan/bon untuk dibayar nanti)
He's a bit tipsy. (=sedikit mabuk)
He's completely sloshed/washed/plastered. (=benar-benar mabuk)
She's trying to drown her sorrows. 
(=minum alkohol untuk menghilangkan rasa sakit/kesedihan)
I'm designated driver. (=aku tidak minum alkohol karena aku yang akan menyetir)
I had a hangover / I was hung over.
(=perasaan yang tidak enak keesokkan harinya karerna terlalu banyak minum).

Comparative Idioms

It's as light as a feather.
It's as dry as a bone.
It's as flat as a pancake.
He's as mad as a hornet.
It's as old as the hills.
It's as quick as lightning.
She's as sick as a dog.
He's as strong as an ox.
They're as different as night and day.
She's as stuborn as a mule.
He's as proud as a peacock.
She's as white as a sheet. (biasanya digunakan ketika seseorang sangat takut atau sangat pucat)
It's as solid as a rock.
It's as good as new. (biasa digunakan setelah sesuatu diperbaiki)
It's as clear as mud. (=tidak bersih sama sekali)

Jadi mohon kalau teman-teman ada masukan untuk artikel kali ini saya akan dengan akan merasa senang sekali.

Jika teman-teman ingin mendownload kumpulan frasa ini dari level pemula, level menengah, dan level terakhir ini, silahkan download 500+ Real English Phrases

Terima kasih, sudah mampir di blog Diary Belajar Bahasa Inggris.

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